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Isn't it a shame that when you are wanting and in need of more sex you can't just pop on a badge that states ready, willing and able. Maybe that day will arrive and it might be here sooner than we think but until it is at least you can turn to the Internet for your sexual fix. Here at the XXX Dating Site we can proudly boast a data base running into millions of both men and women and even couples who are all seeking adult contacts in the USA and the rest of the world. Now as you will be aware America is a vast country and clumping every adult looking for a sex date under one big USA umbrella just wouldn't work, that is why we provide free localized searching. If you are from the UK don't worry we have you covered as well with our UK Contacts section.

From the drop down (above right) select if you are a male or female followed by what you are looking for in a partner, again male or female then your year of birth. You must then select a starting country followed by the Join now for free button. A new page will then open for you to complete your free registration, this is when you will be asked for your county and town. The system will match all suitable adult contacts for your area.

You might be tempted at this stage to rush in and contact someone who you consider to be serious eye candy, we would advise you to hold back just a while longer, well at least long enough to create yourself a profile and upload an image or two of yourself. It would also be a good idea to take a read of Sarah's dating tips and her advice on Creating A Profile, first impressions do count so it is in your best interest to ensure you have at least made at least a token effort in creating a profile outlining a little about yourself and an image of what you look like.

To the right you will see a few random members and when we say a few we don't even mean .001%. Please note we have not linked them to any profiles because we do not know exactly where you are from, it would be no use building up your hopes with a hot looking member if they live 500 miles away. If you click on an image to get a larger view you will also notice that they have been distorted, this has been done to protect the members identity outside of the secure membership area.

We have taken this action because some of the members could well have a partner or they could be in a profession which would not judge them favorably in joining an XXX Dating site. What the members decide to upload within the secure and safer environment of their membership area is up to them and you will find many are completely uncensored.

You may also notice that we offer you the ability to sign up using your Facebook account, fear not though, we do NOT post anything to your wall or do anything to your Facebook account. We just use the basic information to create your free profile. It is a tool to save you time and nobody on your Facebook account will be alerted or any the wiser that you have signed up.

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