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Creating A Profile

I see so many members making no effort in the slightest when it comes to creating their profile, specially the guys. I know this is an online sex dating site but come on; we ladies want to know a little about the guy who wishes to insert his penis into our luscious warm pussies. Don't get me wrong, I do not wish to read your life story but a few basic details would be nice, are you a smoker, do you use recreational drugs, are you clean shaven and what industry do you work in and are you married and in search of some extra fun or are you a single guy wishing to sow his seeds. Can you travel or can you accommodate? I personally prefer to have someone travel to me and I can accommodate but not usually on our first fuck date.

I think guys get a misconception that they are going to be judged harshly when admitting that they are married, the truth is most women don't care why you're seeking a fuck buddy because we are too, who are we to judge when we are doing exactly the same thing? None of us are on here because we are seeking future marriage material; we are on here for the sex and the freedom that no strings dating has to offer. The other thing we don't care about is the size of your cock. I don't care if you have 6 inches or 9 inches, as long as you know how to use it and as long as you are going to give me a pleasurable time.

When uploading your profile pictures guys I would much prefer to see an image of your buttocks, your torso and your face. I do understand that many men and women prefer to keep their face hidden but why not be creative? I used to hide my face by doing a side shot with my long hair covering most of it but now I don't care, I guess I have been a member too long and I have my group of fuck buddy friends who would recognize me anyway.

Take a look at my example gallery tips if you need a few ideas of what type of images attract the best attention. Keep the photos recent; ensure photos are no more than 6 months old and do not upload a picture taken two years ago and say this was me a couple of years back, people don't care what you used to look like. Five is a good number to upload, people usually make their mind up about you after the first two.

Remember your profile is your shop window, two lines of text and no images will more than likely get passed by without anyone noticing it. I personally don't bother reading profiles without an image. The things I look for in a guy's advert are his location (I need UK adult contacts), his age and if he takes care of himself, sorry I don't get off with overweight guys although I do know plenty of women that do. If a guy is a pet lover he also scores an extra point with me. I like to know if he is married, it doesn't put me off, I actually have a couple of married fuck buddies that I see, I just ensure that I do not wear any perfume when meeting them.

Be honest when describing yourself, I know me telling you to be honest might sound hypocritical when you could be married and seeking an extra marital affair but it is important when creating your profile. Ideally create three paragraphs. The first should be about yourself, your age, weight and job and your marital status.

The second include anything you like or dislike both in life and in a person and that you are hoping to find and get out of it all. Yes we know you want a fuck date but only at weekends, only single guys/gals and is age important to you?

The third paragraph should maybe state a few places you have visited or the kind of music and films that you like. Don't create a profile and leave it, go back to it and tweak it from time to time. Change it based on the results and replies you are receiving. 

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