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Who apart from yourself searches for a discreet sex date? Millions of adults each and every day is the true answer. Statistics show that the highest percentage of those adults is aged between 40 and 65 so it is fair to say the middle to older age bracket. Does this suggest that it is the married population who are more likely inclined to be searching for a discreet date or an extra marital affair? Quite possibly although it is also possible that the older generation are not up to speed with the terms used by those of a younger generation and quite often the younger generation are far more open and bolder when it comes to admitting sex on a no strings or one night stand basis.

It might be that you have recently split with a long term partner and you are not ready to settle down into another caring relationship just yet. Searching for a discreet sex date rightly implies that you are purely seeking to have sex with another adult on a non-committed basis. It could be that you have a rather judgemental family or an older son or daughter that would not understand your desire to meet another adult for sexual intercourse. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter what your reason is, nor does it matter to the millions who have already registered with us, you are here because you would like to meet an adult for sex and you wish for it not to be broadcasted to the world.

Do not imagine for one moment that if you register for a discreet sex date with us you will be bombarded with requests from seniors and only those older than yourself. We know from being in this industry for many years that you will find your inbox flooded with offers from all age groups including those far younger than yourself. That is one of the joys that an adult dating site of this nature can bring you, exciting sex with someone several years your junior. It certainly isn't unusual for a member aged between 50 and 60 to have an appeal that reaches way outside their age bracket and to receive discreet sex offers from a member in their twenties or thirties. Can you imagine having sex with someone older or younger (18+) than yourself without being judged by society.

Of course there will be those that join who are not single, those who are currently in a relationship, husbands and wife's that feel unsatisfied with the amount (or should we say lack of) sex that they are receiving. Adult dating sites such as ourselves are here to put you in touch with each other for friendship fun and no strings sex no matter what your marital status is or age is (as long as you are over eighteen). Registration is free and signing up is a very simple process, if you are unsure of what to expect or would like some extra help and advice one of our female members have written a handy and useful dating tips section which is accessible via the drop down menu above.

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