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There isn't a more exciting feeling than logging into your user control panel or opening up your email and finding out that you have a new admirer paying you some attention. I check my emails every morning and it still gives me a butterfly feeling in my belly when I discover a new offer for a sex buddy. The first thing I do is look at the members picture along with the first couple of lines of text that he has written that is enough for me to decide whether to delve deeper. I have usually made my mind up if a possible sex date is on the cards within the first 10 seconds of viewing a profile.

The importance of a good first impression can not be stressed enough, hence why you need to get your profile pictures correct. Getting your images correct will enable you to get past the first judgmental 10 seconds and it will also get you noticed leading to you having a greater chance of having an invite or two in your inbox. Now the dilemma; to include your face or not? This largely depends on how naughty you are being; if you are single go for it, we live in the 21st century you are not doing anything wrong, if you are married or in a profession where you might sadly be judged then sure be a little more cautious or should I say inventive.

It might be that you lack a little self confidence, if so pick out your best feature and focus on that. Guys if you were not born and blessed with Adonis looks but you have a slim torso take a picture of that, personally I love looking at a guys ass. Ladies if you are worried about your facial features zoom in on your mammoth breasts or your curvy ass. If you have a large ass please believe me when I tell you that there are thousands of guys who prefer the fuller figure. If you wish to hide your face and you have long hair allow it to drape over your face, again men love long hair. If you are willing to show your face and you have great teeth and a sexy smile use it to your advantage.

Another trick to grab a guys attention ladies; pay a visit to the salon and get yourself a Hollywood wax. Take a picture the next day when the redness has died down and watch the men contact you in their droves. Don't open your legs too wide, just an inch or two will do, guys are like bee's around a honeypot when they see a smooth vagina. Men you could also do the same, most women are turned on by the smooth down below look or at least neat and tidy. If you have a hairy chest that is another matter, I prefer smooth on top too although I know an awful lot of ladies that prefer the hairy manly look.

I remember having a great sex date with one particular guy who is still a good fuck buddy friend of mine. He told me that he had ignored my profile because he felt I showed too much, he preferred women who left plenty to the imagination and he was actually attracted to profiles of women in their panties more than he was women completely naked. I guess the lesson is give it a little time and a little trial and error. If you are getting the kind of responses you want great, if not then review what your image and profile are saying about you.

Another sticky area for some is the actual taking of the photo. Okay you can't exactly give your partner the camera and say take a picture of me naked as I need it for an adult contact site but a self shot picture in front of a mirror isn't too tricky is it? Most camera's have timers or if you haven't a camera it is an easy task uploading an image direct to your profile from the camera on your mobile phone. I am seeing an increasing amount of pictures being uploaded via the users webcam. That is fine as long as you step back and don't make it look like you are a webcam performer who is touting for business.

If you do need to disguise your facial features and you are not blessed with long hair there are plenty of free online photo editors that enable you to blank out or swirl and pixelate an area. Remember not to leave any tell tale tattoo's on show either. To the right are tree basic examples of members who have disguised themselves without the need of editing a photo.

Remember guys and gals, this is an xxx dating site, the idea is to find yourself some cock and pussy, not a future husband or wife. Looks are not everything, I have had some fantastic shag dates with average looking guys and some awful ones with guys who are obviously obsessed with their bodies. Don't go looking for the perfect looking sex date, if you do then you will miss a lot of exciting times.

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 This is a perfect example of how to use your webcam and how to feature on a good point when not wishing to show your face. Is there a guy around who would turn this hot looking sex date down?

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No need for a head shot, this guy obviously takes care of his body so my first impression is that of a clean hunk. My only concern would be if he is a selfish lover but this image would have me digging deeper.

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Self shot in a mirror featuring the attention on a superbly sexy ass and showing some naked flesh without giving anything away.