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How would you define a sexual fetish? We see it branded about far too much and it seems to be a label given to anything outside of the norm, but what exactly is that; what is normal these days? Who has the right to determine what is normal and what is not and why should you seek a sex date that is labelled as a fetish over one that has no definition?

We all have preferences; from what we watch on tv to what we eat and drink, the same goes for what we find more attractive in a partner. You might prefer blondes over brunettes or women with big boobs over petite ladies however would you only consider sex with a blonde and turn down anyone who has anything other than that particular hair color because you would have a possible problem getting aroused?

If your answer is yes then I guess you can say that you have a sexual fetish for blondes, you need a female with this colour hair in order for you to be aroused and for your sexual gratification. You find it hard to get aroused or even impossible unless the female you are with has this colour hair. Okay that was a simple example and who are we to judge what is a fetish and what is normal? The following three sites are ones that we believe offer an alternative style of dating experience, sites we believe can safely be classed as genuine sexual fetish dating sites:

One Night Stand

If you are into; kinky thrills, dressing in leather or latex, BDSM or you are partial to a little spanking then you are going to love Fetish Datelink. The site is dedicated to both adults and swingers who are looking for something shall we say different. Fetishdatelink is an adult contacts site that many would deem as being a million miles  away from a normal sex date while others would argue that it might well be different but it is far more exciting.

Just as it always should be the registration process at Fetish Date Link is free and the kind of members you will find inside are all into the more serious type of fetish and BDSM style dating. The site really does come highly recommended but only if you are into this type of thing, if you are not then please stay away as it might scare you to death.

Fetish Dating Site

The next site that we are going to look at is perfect if you're a large lady seeking a sex date or a guy who prefers big beautiful women or those that are very curvaceous. BBW Sexperience is a dating site where all the female adverts are of BBW classification and where all the male members have a healthy fetish for the fuller figured woman. You might have guessed from the name of the site that romance probably isn't on the menu, however naughty adult fun certainly is and you will certainly be spoilt for choice.

Just like ourselves BBW Sexperience is aimed at individuals who prefer sex on a strictly no strings attached basis. For many of the male members they make it clear that the larger the lady happens to be the better. Simply being chubby is probably not large enough ladies so if you would consider yourself at least BBW in size get yourself signed up. If you are approaching 450lbs and nearing SSBBW in size then you really will find yourself an abundance of male attention - To Visit The Site Click Here:

BBW Sexperience

From bi-curious females to gay guys seeking a discreet or fun date, Gay Fuck Buddy caters for all kinds of male to male and female to female dating. Where some sites dedicate themselves to solely lesbian dating and others gay men, this site caters for both. When you first visit the site the selection and search facility is simple and effective. There are two check boxes; male + female, uncheck one  then decide if age is an issue for you and if so select which age bracket you desire. One click of the mouse later and you are assured to be presented with a suitable list of gay fuck buddy profiles.

Creating your free profile at looks like it could be a bundle of fun as they allow you to upload video footage from your PC or mobile phone. What type of footage you upload is entirely up to you and it is obvious from those who have already registered that some members are quite openly daring and explicit in what they place online. If you are gay or bi curious or even bi-sexual then this dating site is for you - Click Here To Visit The Site