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The Internet is flooded with adult dating sites and sites promising you an abundance of free flowing sex so how do you tell the good from the ugly and we don't mean the members? We would suggest you read the excellent article on Free Sex Dating that Sarah has kindly put together for us under her dating tips section. The article explains what you actually get for free and what you don't get when joining an adult dating site.  Another article we suggest you read is her excellent advice on Finding A Sex Date.

With this in mind a good fuck buddy site will always allow you free registration they will also permit you to search through existing members and offer the ability to create a profile including the uploading of images. They will always have a large member base reflecting success in that they actually work in finding you what you seek - a fuck buddy date.

It would be unfair to ask someone to pay a membership fee only for them to discover that the nearest fuck buddy of the opposite sex lives 100 miles away or that the site consists of 10,000 male members and just a dozen females.

You really do need to be able to look at what is on offer before committing your hard earned cash. You wouldn't go into a store and hand over your cash without seeing what you are getting for your money. Below you will find three sites that we feel offer great value for money along with an abundance of members and choice.

The first site that ticked all the boxes for us was the aptly named  - Searching the site was a breeze and the registration process was free with plenty of male and female members to pick from of all age groups ranging from 18 years of age right through to 70+. We liked the site because it offered exactly what you would expect to get from a fuck buddy dating site; a large membership base, free registration and plenty of choice when it came to finding a possible local fuck date.

We also liked that the site goes that little bit extra in helping you find a fuck buddy date with lots of useful assistance and plenty of helpful reading material. This adult fuck buddy site boasts an eye popping jaw dropping 3 million registered members showing you what a horny bunch we all are.

You do not get an awful lot of eye candy outside of the members area but once inside most of the members leave very little to the imagination and they are not slow in coming forward. Female members automatically get upgraded to a premium account while men have to make do with a basic package unless they wish to upgrade manually, this does however ensure that there are plenty of women to pick from.

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The second site which we highly recommend is quite a deceiving one, everything is kept very simple looking but it works like a charm. Sometimes you can discover an adult dating site that has so many features it overwhelms you with a far too complicated look and feel. Apart from clicking on a contact member link or viewing a profile what other features do you really need?

Some owners spend so much time developing the look and feel of a site they overlook the important things like getting enough members to make it work. At the end of the day we are looking for a fuck buddy or a discreet sex date and to achieve that we just want to look at a local profile think they will do and make contact. might look a simple site on the outside but it works and it works well. Nothing flashy is involved and it seems every effort is placed into making a meeting with an adult contact quick and simple. Fuck 1 is successful because it has a vast membership base and because it is clean and easy to use. Members like it because they get to find what they are looking for - a sex date. No misleading links or features that you probably wouldn't use, just lots of genuine horny members all looking for a fuck date.

We particularly enjoyed reading the advice on Finding a fuck buddy, it is obviously aimed at the guys and we were undecided if the article was written by a successful guy or from a females perspective? Either way it is a great read, the information contains plenty of useful tips and not just ones that can be used online, many can be used away from the Internet.


As we have previously mentioned, what good is it finding yourself an ideal sex date only to discover that they live too far away or even in a different country? Local Fuck Buddies provides exactly what is it says on the tin; access to adults who are seeking local sex dates. Local Fuck Buddies has a membership base running into millions from all around the world so you won't be short of choice.

Before discovering who is geographically local and who isn't you can search for adult contacts based on them being of the opposite sex, the same sex (gay dates), couples and swingers or even TV, TS and TG (transgender) dating. The amount of possible searches reflects just how immense their membership base is, they truly add another meaning to someone for everyone.

After selecting your country you can then search members in your area or a locality that you might be visiting due to work or even a holiday.  Some of the profile pages are the best we have ever seen, this probably has something to do with the unlimited profile space they provide for members to upload pictures, audio and even video footage of themselves easily from their computer or a mobile phone and free of any charge - To Visit The Site Click Here