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Are you a gay guy seeking a male fuck buddy or a bi-curious female looking for a discreet sex date? Look no further as we welcome you to the XXX Dating Site. We aim to place consenting adults in touch with one another so that they can enjoy naughty fun and sexual pleasure with other open minded adults no matter what their personal situation may be. Guys you are going to love the gay sex dates that we have waiting for you inside the members area and ladies, we have all kinds of women waiting to be discovered by you.

We are noticing an ever increasing demand for bi-curious ladies to step forward and out of the shadow. Although we already have a vast membership base there is always room for one more, the more the merrier we say. Many women who make up a threesome or find themselves participating in a swinging foursome find that it isn’t the attention of the guy that they found exciting but the guy’s wife. Women who previously would have never considered themselves to be gay are discovering a side to them that they never knew existed and it is a side that excites them and a side that they wish to explore further.

Many of the bi-curious female members who have previously registered are married, some have their husband’s approval to go out and experience the touch of another woman further while others have to be far more discreet about what they are doing. If you are looking for lesbian sex or are bi-curious yourself what are you waiting for? Registration is free so join us today and start enjoying that darker and exciting side that is bursting to get out. Remember you are not alone there are millions just like you and thousands have discovered the joys of another female through this very dating site.

Bi-curious men are just as welcome to join as open gay guys and although some say there is no such thing as a bisexual man studies have proven this to be a myth. Yes there are guys who enjoy the pleasure of sex no matter if it is with the opposite sex or the same sex; they embody the true nature of fluid sexuality. The bottom line is we don’t care and we certainly do not judge anyone, sex is a great gift to give and to receive and if you feel that you need more then you are not alone, our 3 million active members are proof of that.

Please remember we are not your regular style dating site that you will see advertised on television. We do not promote love and romance, although we are not ruling it out it isn’t something that we see a lot of. What we do see in a great abundance is adults getting together for discreet sex on a no strings basis, if it is sex that you want you have certainly stopped by at the right place. If you are still unsure take your time to explore the site further by clicking on the various menus that are at the top of this page.